The Nightlife and Nightclubs in Milan, Italy

Milan stands at second for the population in Italy and is considered to be the 54th in the world when it comes to metropolitan area. In the nightlife of Milan, you can find appetizers, stylish attire, riveting parties at discos and pubs. This city is so lively and flamboyant that you would find numerous options to enjoy your nightlife before it gets dawn.

People have known Milan as a city of fashion and business lately, but now it has emerged as the young and cosmopolitan city with the best nightlife in Italy. Not just that, you will be amazed to see the architectural design of the older parts of the city. It offers entertainment package for people with all ages and preferences. Like if you just want to have drinks with your friends or you wish to enjoy your time dancing until you completely wear off, you are the right place. It is satisfying be it any day of the week, you will find what you need.   

Make your stay in Milan comfortable and safe

Milan is a home for many fashion and commercial industries but traveling within the city can pose few problems. It’s everyone concern to ensure that their trip is safe and stress free.

Travelling to Milan is prominent during summer season and this is the time when the city becomes the city of mosquitos. You need to make sure that you have mosquito repellant or protection to keep them away. Mosquitos are in huge number near the canal area. If you are visiting church, cover your shoulders and knees to follow their tradition. You might be denied entry into the Duomo area if you don’t.

While travelling in public transport, you need to be careful. If you are taking a train to other cities or local, validate your ticket. You might be penalized heavily If you don’t carry a valid ticket. 

Know the safer areas in the city

Overall, Milan is a very safe city but there are few areas which could be bothersome. Areas like main exit of Central Station and Piazza Duca D’Aosta are places where you find cases of pick pocketing. It is advisable to avoid visiting these places at night. There is a place called Arc of Peace which allures a lot of crowd and it is known for illegal activities such as drug usage. One needs to be cautious even during day time in these areas. In the Duomo area, there are cases where men will place a leather bracelet at your hand and seek money from you. You can simply say No and they will leave. Also, make sure you don’t buy city guides from Hawkers as such guides are mostly inaccurate.

Nightlife of Milan

L’aperitif (translates to Happy hour, between 1800 and 1900) is the time when the nightlife starts unveiling and it continues till late night with bars, pubs, clubs at your disposal. The bars and clubs in Milan are mostly open 7 days a week, but the best time is from Wednesday to Saturday. Wednesday is heaven for students as they can get special discounts by showing their ID cards, hence this day is called tuition evenings.  

If you are in discos, usually a drink would cost you between 7 to 10 euros, but you will get a free drink with entry ticket. You will be handed a cad while you enter and you can pay for the drinks you had when you exit. It is important that you take care of the card else you might have to pay a penalty. There are clubs in Milan that offers you an aperitif, so make sure you know that well.

If you are looking to experience nightlife at an affordable price, you can visit social centers which offer live concerts, music and dance at much lower cost. To give it a good start to your evening, you can pay a visit to Teatro alla Scala for  a cultural evening.

The aperitif Tradition (Happy Hours)

It is a Milanese tradition observed in most bars in the city. You can find it every day starting around 18:00 when people meet their friends or colleagues from office for a drink or an aperitif. Generally, aperitif would cost you around 8 euros.

The aperitif buffet

Buffet is another option to choose from as it includes drinks and food dishes. You can have a drink (ranging from cocktails to beer or even soft drinks) and have hot dishes such as pasta, pizza served to you. It is the most suitable option if you are tight on your budget. You can find fantastic aperitif in areas like Corso Como and Corso Sempione. ‘Negroni’ which is a Milanese special drink prepared with Campari, Gin and Vermouth rosso is a definite try along with your aperitif.

The Areas of Milan and nightlife

Every area within Milan has got a different taste and flavor, so let’s look at them one by one

The Isola – New age of entertainment

Situated near the Porta Garibaldi railway station offers the new age entertainment. Isola has bars and pubs catering to the young population (20 to 30 years of age) offering best prices at the happy hour. La Crocodile pub is a must visit if you are in the district. You can order snacks such as bruschettas for 8 euros while you watch football match on TV with your friends.

Among the best clubs in Milan, Frida (most striking feature is a gaudy interior garden) and the Isola della Birra(considered to be the first sushi brewery in the city) are located here.

Garibaldi and Corso Como – Glam at its best

This place is full of cool bars and boasts of having few of the popular nightclubs in the city. These clubs are frequented by TV stars, celebs, footballers and models every now and then. For happy hours, this place is heaven as it has Pitbull Cafè, 10CorsoComo, Loolapaloosa and the Fiat Executive Lounge.

Clubs and bars that you must visit

  • The Hollywood – This club is considered to be the most famous disco club in the city and it is rated high in enjoying the glitzy nightlife.
  • The Tocqueville 13 – This disco club is second only to The Hollywood but it makes it’s way to the top with riveting parties happening from Thursday to Sunday.
  • Caffetteria Degli Atellani  –If you are an avid reader and a bookworm, this place is for you. You can enjoy the cafè along with the bookshop.

If you are a party lover, don’t hesitate to pay few more euros to spend your whole night in this area.

Corso Sempione – Exclusive clubs and bars

This place is a stylish and an exclusive district for nightclubs in Milan. Again, considered as one of the best destinations for a late evening happy hour for the young crowd. After work, the Milanese spend their time in the trendy bars and clubs. There are clubs and bars which provide you with outdoor seating arrangement with spontaneous music. Roïalto(suggested for a brunch) and the Serendepico (visit this for a soothing ambience and great food) are visited by young crowd

2 must go places

  • Old Fashion club – This club is rated as the most popular destination in Corso Sempione district. You would find a new taste of DJ and live bands every other night
  • Il Gattopardo café – A church turned disco bar is often used for filming advertisements, fashion shoots or TV series. You can visit it to have a pleasant evening with great buffet and cocktails

The Navigli – For all ages

In the last few years, this district has gained a lot of popularity pertaining to its flashy nightlife. This is a starting point for most of the Milanese to have a wonderful nightlife. The wide range of bars, pubs and clubs, in this area to opt for, make this place a must go. You would find its canals filled with cafes and ancient shops. This place gets real busy as the sun sets. You would see young and vibrant crowd flocking in to bars, discos and pubs here.

Sacrestia and the Seven are amongst the popular small pubs and restaurants which you can have in your list.  Along the canals, you can find great ancient trattorias and inns offering home cooked food besides the finest local nearby. This place welcomes people of all age groups.  

Here are the 3 places to visit

  • Sadler  – A very good place to celebrate moments of your life such as birthdays, anniversaries. They serve a creative menu for the people and is known for its friendly staff and great service. Chef Sadler has earned two Michelin stars for his cooking.
  • Le Scimmie  – It is a two house in pack of one. One room has got a cool bar and a stage where you would find live music almost all nights in a week. Second room is actually a restaurant which serves scrumptious meals
  • MasThis place is designed in a Spanish style and it is quite popular for its “aperitivi.”

The areas of San Lorenzo and Porta Ticinese

You would find young people sitting on the floor with drinks and chatting with their friends all night. However, there are bars spread across this area, La Hora Feliz (Bar serving drinks in a Cuban style) and Le Biciclette (bicycle shop turned bar and restaurant) are worth mentioning here. You can get affordable drinks around the San Lorenzo area at Porta Ticinese.

Porta Romana – Historic Neighborhood

Porta Romana is famed as one of the historic areas of Milan as you would find buildings dated back to 19th century. Frequented by high society of Milanese, you will mostly see music lovers, aged between 30 and 40, who wish to go to pubs and breweries. La Strada and Pogue Mahone’s Irish Pub are worth visiting in Porta Romana. New restaurants and bars have come up in the recent past

2 most visited places in Porta Romana

Citta Studi Neighborhood

It is situated in the east side of Milan and boasts of having exceptional pubs and trendy bars. If you love beer, it is advisable to visit Lambrate district, it has got famous names such as the Brasserie, Bruxelles, and theUnion Club. There is an Irish pub frequented by students called Matricola Irish Pub

Idroscalo Area

This area is particularly famous during summers as it has open air discos such as The Beach, the Papaya, the Magnoliaand Le Jardin. We would suggest read the reviews of these clubs before visiting them if you are confused which one to go for.

Brera – a Bohémien Grace

This pleasant district is the right place to spend a sophisticated and trendy night out with your friends and partner. You would find artists, actors and writers visiting this district quite often. The prices/tickets of bars here are a bit on the higher side compared to the other districts as high society Milanese pays their visit here.

The O’Connell is an Irish pub offering array of beers. There are the Bar Brera and Art Café are good for happy hour as you can grab a beer at a much lower cost. You can choose to go for eating out in any of the cozy restaurants here and then take a walk to see antique stalls and intriguing artists

3 must visit places in Brera

  • La Tartina – A cool wine bar offering a wide variety of wines, dishes and salads. A perfect place for aperitif or dinner with your friends
  • Break Time – It is quite famous amongst the tourists for enjoying their meal along with watching streets
  • Bulgari Hotel Bar – Nice place to have a drink with small scrumptious dishes. You can try their exclusive cocktails invented by the bar’s bartenders

Piazza Duomo – A perfect match of art and grace

Being a top notch spot for tourists and locals in the day time, it is equally lively at night. If you are intimidated with blaring and muddled nightlife in the clubs and bars and you are looking for a place to enjoy art and soothing music, this place is for you. It has array of graceful and relaxing cafes which are open till late night. Live music performances and events would be conducted throughout the year.

3 noted bars and clubs for you

Martini Bar Dolce&Gabbana – This bar was opened in collaboration between Martini and Dolce & Gabbana. You would love its aperitivo and delicious dinner inspired from Sicilian tradition.

Le Banque – It was basically a bank which got converted into a club. It features a mix of restaurant, bar and dance floors.

Trussardi alla Scala – It is an elite 2 start Michelin restaurant and can be located in the Trussardi fashion house

Ready to experience Milan’s nightlife

The city offers the liveliest and stimulating nightlife experience. It has everything for everyone – suits the preferences and affordability of various groups. You can get to dance in the best dance clubs for 10 Euros including free drinks. You can even get aperitif for the same price without compromising on the quality and taste. So, if you are on a tight budget, Milan will never disappoint you. Not just that you can have the best night of your life with your friends and create an everlasting memory.

The Top Nightclubs in Milan:

The city of Milan has garnered its name among the top 100 cities in the world for its cosmopolitan lifestyle and culture. It offers you not just the appetizers, but also trendy fashion with cool nightclubs to opt for. The fun just doesn’t stop there, you will come across multiple clubs which would offer you riveting parties and clubbing. Clubs offers music ranging from techno to hip hop to suit needs of everyone.

Grab your drink and get ready to explore the best nightclubs stated below:

Magazzini Generali – The Italian way

Address: Via Pietrasanta 16, 20141 Milan, Italy

Contact: +39 02 539 3948;

Opening times: Nightly, 23:00 – 5:00

Entrance Fees: Based on the events (usually around 10 Euros)

Getting in: Book your tickets online

It is among the most popular nightclubs in Milan. You would find the best Italian DJs and live music and concerts being organized throughout the year except summers. This place opened in 1995 and is situated in a complex of old warehouses. The clubs extends from walkway and balconies to a terrace. Friday is the time when you can enjoy live music and concerts.

Hollywood Rhythmoteque – A Glitzy Nightclub

Address: Corso Como 15, 20154 Milan, Italy

Contact: +39 328 151 9288;

Opening times: Nightly, 23:00 – 5:00

Entrance Fees: 25 Euros and 20 Euros per drink

Getting in: Book your tickets online

Hollywood Rhythmoteque is among the few posh clubs in the city as the TV celebs, actors and international artists frequent this place. You might find a famous model or footballer partying with you. It has gained popularity and characterizes a reference point of Milan’s nightlife. The entry and drinks in this club could be expensive for you, so you might want to grab a drink before entering.

Gattopardo Cafè – A church turned club and bar

Address: Via Piero della Francesca 47, 20154 Milan, Italy

Contact: +39 02 3453 7699;

Opening times: Nightly, 18:00 – 5:00

Entrance Fees: 12 Euros

Getting in: Walk in directly or Book your tickets online for events

A church turned disco bar and club is elegant with marble floor and a colossal chandelier. It opens up quite early around 6 O’clock for aperitif and as the night progresses, you will be amused with the music and dance floor. This café also hosts dinner, parties and some private events.

Tocqueville 13 – A complete experience

Address: Via Alessio di Tocqueville 13, 20154 Milan, Italy

Contact: +39 348 374 6374;

Opening times: Mon to Wed (11.30 to 14.00), Thu and Fri (11.30 to 14.00 and 23:00 to 5:00) Sat (23.00 to 5.00), Sun (21.30 to 5.00)

Entrance Fees: Nil

Getting in: Walk in directly

You can bank upon this name for a complete nightclub experience with music, drink and food. You are definitely going to bump into a celebrity, or even a beautiful girl

Alcatraz – A spacious magical place

Address: Via Valtellina 21/27, 20159 Milan, Italy

Contact: +39 02 6901 6352;

Opening times: 21:30 – 4:30 (Opens only on Fri and Sat)

Entrance Fees: 10 Euros (for women) and 12 Euros (for men), drink included

Getting in: Walk in directly or Book your tickets online for events

It boasts of being a large nightclub with 3 large rooms and a concert hall amounting to a capacity of 2000 people at once. Alcatraz is really spacious and gives you enough space to make dance moves. You would find international artists performing live music and concerts. Around 21:30 is the time when these artists will start showering their magic and it will continue till 00:45. The disco will start afterwards and lasts till early morning

Old Fashion Club – Outdoor setup

Address: Viale Alemagna 6, Milan, Italy

Contact: +39 02 805 6231;

Opening times: Mon and Fri (18:00 to 5:00), Wed (20:00 to 5:00). Thu, Sat and Sun (22:00 to 5:00)

Entrance Fees: 20 Euros

Getting in: Walk in directly or Book your tickets online for events

Old Fashion club is a must visit during summer evenings as that’s time it will be at full swing. An elegant disco club with great choice of appetizers. The major attraction is its outdoor setup which includes a garden and a dance stage. You can try this club if you are not tight on your budget.

Just Cavalli Cafè – A club cum restaurant

Address: Viale Camoens, Milan, Italy

Contact: +39 02 311817;

Opening times: 19:30 to 5:00

Entrance Fees: 20 Euros (includes free glass of prosecco)

Getting in: Walk in directly or Book your tickets online for events

Cavalli Café is a fashionable club cum restaurant. The club is designed really well from outside with a structure of glass and metal. This place offers delicious cuisine with dance break after the meal. The veracious venue to get to know beautiful girls and Milanese models.

LoolaPaloosa – For all

Address: Corso Como 15, 20154 Milan, Italy

Contact: +39 02 655 5693;

Opening times: 18:00 to 5:00

Entrance Fees: 10 Euros (includes a free drink)

Getting in: Walk in directly or Book your tickets online for events

Rated 3.0 on TripAdvisor is a famous club in Corso Como locality. It welcomes people of all age groups and preferences as it promises a lot of fun, party and dance. Every Tuesday, you can find Coyote Ugly where stunning girls will pour alcohol into customer’s mouth.

Black Hole – A musical club

Address: Viale Umbria 118, 20135 Milan, Italy

Contact: +39 349 4669374;

Opening times: 22:30 to 5:00 (Opens only on Fri and Sat)

Entrance Fees: 10 Euros (includes a free drink)

Getting in: Walk in directly or Book your tickets online for events

Rated 3.0 on Yelp, The club has a disco with a space for live concerts and a garden. This place is crowded with international and Italian artists; you can enjoy their performances with cozy sofas. The music usually ranges from rock to commercial music. The weekends are the time when you would find theme parties being organized.

Le Le Bahia – Latin American Music is here

Address: Strada Nuova Valassina 346, 20851 Lissone, Italy

Contact: +39 347 463 5947;

Opening times: Tue and Wed (21:30 to 2:30), Fri and Sat (22:00 to 3:30)

Entrance Fees: Entry is free till 23:00

Getting in: Walk in directly

Rated 4.0 on TripAdvisor is an old disco club which opened in early 1990s and is referred to as the reference point to enjoy Latin American music in the city. It holds two large halls for the customers to dance to the music. It even hosts Kizomba, Bachata and Salsa on every Tuesday and Wednesday.

Karma (earlier known as Borgo Dei Sensi)

Address: Via Fabio Massimo 36, 20139 Milan, Italy

Contact: +39 329 072 6829;

Opening times: Fri and Sat (21:00 to 5:00), Sun (20:30 to 5:00)

Entrance Fees: 15 Euros (a free drink included)

Getting in: Walk in directly

The nightclub changed its name in the past from Borgo Dei Sensi to Karma. As the name sounds, it is an ancient nightclub offering ample space to dance. You can mostly find Latin American music being played on Saturday evening. If you are planning to visit on Friday or Saturday, you will get wide selection of cocktails. It is highly recommended during summers.  

Le Banque

Address: Via Bassano Porrone 6, 20121 Milan, Italy

Contact: +39 340 980 5101;

Opening times: Mon-Thu (12:00 to 15:30), Fri (12:00 to 15:00, 19:00 to 5:00), Sun (19:00 to 5:00)

Entrance Fees: 15 Euros (a free drink included)

Getting in: Walk in directly

Rated 3.0 on TripAdvisor is a nightclub cum restaurant situated in the Duomo locality. This place is well furnished with sofas and gold-plated chairs. It was basically a bank which got converted into a club. It features a mix of restaurant, bar and dance floors.

Club Haus 80’s Milano – Spot for electronic music lovers

Address: Via A. De Tocqueville 13, 20154 Milan, Italy

Contact: +39 389 462 2247;

Opening times: Fri and Sat (23:50 to 5:00)

Entrance Fees: Walk in directly

Getting in: Walk in directly

There was a time when this club was known as De Sade, but now called as Club Haus 80. Friday night is mostly rock music lovers time and Saturday, there would be international DJs and artists playing electronic music.

Lime Light – Inexpensive way to enjoy nightlife

Address: Via Gian Carlo Castelbarco 11, Milano

Contact: +39 342 091 9739

Opening times: Fri and Sat (23:50 to 5:00), Sun (18:00 to 22:30)

Entrance Fees: Walk in directly

Getting in: Walk in directly

It is considered to be the largest club in the city and can easily handle more than 2000 clubbers. Once you enter into the club you would see two spacious rooms. It hosts a wide variety of commercial music events.  Well the best part is the drinks are inexpensive and if you are in a group with your friends, you can visit this place. The club is mainly known for its underground and electronic music with international Djs performing here.

Tunnel Club – For all music lovers

Address: Via Giovanni Battista Sammartini 30, 20125 Milan, Italy

Contact: +39 331 809 9952;

Opening times: Tue, Wed, Fri and Sat (23:00 to 6:00)

Entrance Fees: Walk in directly

Getting in: Walk in directly

Rated 3.5 on TripAdvisor, the Tunnel Club opened 15 years back and gained its name to be amongst the top clubs in the city. It is very well maintained and the events here are always engrossing.  Every other night you would find different music genre being played. The music ranges from hip hop, techno and electronic. There is an event called Fidelio conducted every Tuesday, it is the most sparkling event of this club

Amnesia Milano – Electronic to Techno music

Address: Via Alfonso Gatto 1, 20134 Milan, Italy

Contact: +39 348 724 1015;

Opening times: Fri and Sat (23:00 to 5:00)

Entrance Fees: Walk in directly

Getting in: Walk in directly

Rated 3.0 on Yelp, the club promises to offer a great entertainment package with international guests and music ranging from electronic to techno. The club has two large halls, one called House Room having 5 screens and the other one is called Sounds Room bestowing a musical night with DJs.

Fabrique – Live concerts and DJs

Address: Via Gaudenzio Fantoli 9, 20138 Milan, Italy

Contact: +39 02 506 3008;

Opening times: Fri and Sat (23:30 to 5:00)

Entrance Fees: 30 Euros (depends on the event)

Getting in: Book your tickets online @

Rated 3.5 on TripAdvisor. The club has ample space for music, live concerts and Djs. There are multiple events being conducted here throughout the week, so check the event on the website and book the tickets in advance.

Sio Café – Dance Lovers

Address: Via Libero Temolo 1 | Corner Viale Piero e Alberto Pirelli, 20126 Milan, Italy

Contact: +39 02 6611 8087;

Opening times: Tue – Sun (18:30 – 4:30)

Entrance Fees: Reserve a table

Getting in: Book your table if you are coming in a group

Rated 4.0 on TripAdvisor, the club is a must for dance lovers. Apart from it, it offers great eating experience as well. You can get complete Italian cuisines and international or seasonal dishes. There are more than 100 different cocktails to choose from. This place has two halls meant for commercial music and black (R&B, Hip hop,etc.). Wednesday night is called as the University Night as you can find people aged between 20 and 30.

Pelledoca – Club cum restaurant

Address: Viale Enrico Forlanini 121, Milan, Italy

Contact: +39 02 756 0225;

Opening times: Thu (20:30 – 3:00), Fri and Sat (20:30 – 5:00)

Entrance Fees: Reserve a table

Getting in: Book your table if you are coming in a group

The musical club and restaurant, Pelledoca, is open throughout the year be it summer or winter. The venue is well maintained and decorated old farm house. You can plan for dinner and music followed by dance. In summer, the outside area (soothing ambience with bar area) is used for partying   

Noir Club – A good spot away from City

Address: Via Davide Guarenti 17, 20851 Lissone, Italy

Contact: +39 335 434 060;

Opening times: Thu (21:00 – 2:30), Fri and Sat (21:30 – 3:30)

Entrance Fees: Reserve a table

Getting in: Book your table if you are coming in a group

Rated 3.0 on TripAdvisor, The Noir Club is situated in the outskirts of the city, Thassos. There is a stringent dress code policy here. The club offers drinks, pizzas, buffet and disco from Thursday to Sunday.

Zoo Club – Latin American Music spot

Address: Via Panfilo Castaldi 8, Cinisello Balsamo, Italy

Contact: +39 331 791 3067;

Opening times: Tue and Wed (22:00 – 3:00), Fri and Sat (22:00 – 3:00)

Entrance Fees: Reserve a table

Getting in: Book your table if you are coming in a group

Rated 3.5 on TripAdvisor, known as lo Latin Zoo got renovated in the recent past and changed its name to Zoo Club. It is considered to be the amongst the largest nightclub offering Latin American music in the city. You would see professional dancers dancing to the tunes of the music. Apart from it, you can also find commercial music

Molto Club & Restaurant – The best club at outskirts

Address: Via della Valle 71, Carate Brianza, Italy

Contact: +39 338 727 0167;

Opening times: Thu to Sun (21:30 – 3:00)

Entrance Fees: Reserve a table @

Getting in: Book your table

Rated 3.0 on TripAdvisor, the Molto club is situated a few kms toward north of Milan. The Club is referred to as the summer club. You can start your evening with an aperitif and plan to dance whole night. It is a very fashionable club which has house and commercial music at your disposal. Make sure you dress well to the occasion.

Dude Club – For Electronic music lovers

Address: Via Carlo Boncompagni 44, Milano, Italy

Contact: +39 328 411 5755;

Opening times: Fri and Sat (23:00 – 5:00)

Entrance Fees: 15 Euros (12 Euros for students)

Getting in: Walk in directly

Rated 4.0 on TripAdvisor. Locals consider the Dude Club to be the most underground club in the city. Most of the programs here are focused on House or techno/electronic music. The Club has got two nice rooms for true enthusiasts of music. The staff is very courteous and friendly. You would love the special drinks served. This place is definitely a go for electronic music lovers.

11 Clubroom – Eleven – New York Style Club

Address: Via A. De Tocqueville 11, Milano, Italy

Contact: +39 333 245 3962;

Opening times: Tue to Sun (19:00 – 5:00)

Entrance Fees: Pay for items you buy (Aperitif – 10 euros, Cake Service 30 euros, etc.)

Getting in: Walk in directly

Rated 3.0 on TripAdvisor The 11 Clubroom has got its unique panache inspired from New York-style and a gorgeous view of the City sitting in the Club. The best time to visit this place is in Summer when they host a Festival on its large terrace. You can enjoy drink with a comfortable time on the sofas. The music played here is mostly R&B, commercial and House. It is important to note that the selection to entry is stringent, so dress well and enjoy your time.

Byblos Milan – Fashion Club

Address: Via Messina 38, Milano, Italy

Contact: +39 02 3675 7420;

Opening times: Tue to Sun (21:00 – 5:00)

Entrance Fees: 30 Euros

Getting in: Walk in directly

Rated 3.0 on TripAdvisor. The Byblos club came to existence in 2012 and is situated in the monumental zone of the city. In few years, Byblos has added its name to the trendy clubs in Milan for experiencing nightlife. It is worth a visit during the fashion week as they host a lot of fashion shows during this time.

Nightclubs await you

Now you know the best clubs in Milan, while you are on a visit to this beautiful city. It becomes equally excited to experience the nightclubs with your group, friends, partner or even alone (you will meet a lot friendly crowd). It is advisable to check out various events being conducted in each of the clubs on their websites or social channels to make most out of your visit. We wish you good luck with your nightlife tour in Milan.